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The Mendelssohn Award

The ICEC Committee sponsors the Mendelssohn Award, which is presented to an outstanding person on the occasion of each ICEC Conference.

Persons to be honoured will be selected by their work in cryogenic engineering:

  • New and promising solutions to difficult problems
  • Promotion and encouragement of work in new fields of low temperature applications, for stimulating the cyogenic community's interes in these fields and for helping to establish them
  • Long-standing contributions to cryogenics

The Award was established in memory of Kurt Mendelssohn (1906-1982), the founder of ICEC Committee

Previous Award winners were: K. Oshima, P. Roubeau, J. Gardner, P. Mason and D. Petrac, H. Desportes, O.V. Lounasmaa, V. Arp and R.D. McCarty, C.S. Hong, G. Claudet, G. Klipping and I. Klipping, P. Komarek, H. Quack, S. van Sciver, Sir M. Wood, R. Scurlock, Ph. Lebrun, F. de Waele.